Small Batch Roasting Co

Small Batch Roasting Co. took its first baby steps when owner and founder, Andrew Kelly, started roasting beans on-site at Auction Rooms, but in early 2009, Small Batch Roasting Co. moved out and up the road to its own warehouse in the back streets of North Melbourne where it's since grown and flourished.

At Small Batch, a great deal of care is taken every step along the coffee chain. Green coffee is carefully and thoughtfully sourced through numerous visits to Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia and Kenya. Logistics are handled to ensure that the coffee arrives safely to Melbourne, where it is then meticulously roasted to best highlight the inherent quality of the coffee. Once roasted, the team takes time to train and educate wholesale accounts and retail customers alike, to ensure that the coffee shines as bright as it can.

All these steps taken underlie the overall goal of Small Batch: to best present the incredible hard work of producers at origin, and to do justice to the long and complicated journey that the coffee takes to reach that delicious brew in the final cup

Clement Coffee

A beautiful incubator project from the mind of Salvatore Malatesta, Clement shows its unique take on small-scale specialty coffee. Scandinavian design cues meet Melbourne specialty sensibilities for a bespoke coffee experience. Clement coffee sees staff connect deeply with customers for a religious coffee experience that never fails to deliver. Clement provides customers with a seasonal coffee experience all year round. Both espresso and filter blends are crafted using Clement’s own blends.

Code Black Coffee

With a pretty serious hit of coffee here and formidable day-to-day operations run by Brad Nixon, Code Black Coffee echoes of meticulous preparation and the pursuit of excellence. Code Black boasts a strong seasonal blend and a rotating single origin. The back of the menu simply reads in small font: “The Sublime and The Ridiculous”, which basically sums up Code Back. Sublime in the quality of its design and ridiculous in the excellence of its execution.

Market Lane

Market Lane Coffee is a boutique coffee roastery and retailer in Melbourne dedicated to high quality coffee. We source beans from some of the best coffee growers in the world, looking for superior coffees that are distinctive and memorable. We roast them in small batches at our Prahran Market roastery. We then carefully brew coffee for our customers in our five shops, and work hard to help people brew delicious coffee at home as well.

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird

Omar’s runs on a simple coffee philosophy; if it isn’t the best it can be, they won’t serve it. It is a place for coffee enthusiasts to rejoice, and for those wishing to broaden their appreciation of coffee to learn. At Omar’s, we measure success by the quality of beans we roast and drinks we serve. Nothing brings us greater joy than using the nuances of our craft to bring coffee drinkers exciting new experiences.

Ona Coffee

Ona Coffee, found in a humble warehouse space in Canberra, champions advancements in third-wave coffee. Owner Sasa Sestic, who holds the title of 2015 World Barista Champion, is passionate about developing innovative methods of sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee. Ona's Project Origin has created a magical combination of collaborating with knowledgeable producers, fostering strong relationships with coffee farmers, and investments in new and smarter technology to push the boundaries of coffee.

Padre Coffee

An offshoot of the Brunswick East Project, this pint-sized cafe features serious specialty coffee and an impressive range of freshly-roasted beans to take home. Roasting is done at the Brunswick East HQ and, on any given day, there may be as many as a dozen carefully chosen single origin and blended options to pick from. The cafe also boasts unique and obscure offerings, such as the Mexican Angel Albino or Nicaraguan Los Nogales.

Sensory Lab

Sensory Lab is a café at David Jones, Melbourne, and a micro roastery in South Melbourne, but really more of a tasting space. Sensory Lab is an answer to the ever-growing questions of the finer points of coffee tasting. Sensory serves premium coffee carefully selected for its complex character, smooth subtleties, bold body and all-round captivating charm. Sensory Lab’s Cup of Excellence coffee beans include La Bendición from Nicaragua and Pino De Oro, from Honduras.

Seven Seeds

Melbourne is by no means short of excellent cafes making exceptional coffee. There is no question that the standard of both cafes and the coffee they serve is outstanding. That said, there are still a number of places that sit above the rest, an upper echelon if you will, and Seven Seeds is undeniably among them. The operation was founded my the brilliant Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor. The Seven Seeds house blend is superb, but the cafe also offers a selection of carefully sourced single origins and guest blends, often from top international roasters.

St. Ali

The St ALi Family (St ALi, Sensory Lab, Tom Thumb and Clement Coffee) is a worldwide leader in specialty coffee with a unique multi-brand strategy. Owner Salvatore Malatesta continues to push the envelope with innovative coffee environments. 2016 marks St Ali’s momentous Southeast Asian expansion, beginning in Jakarta and Bali. Single estate, country of origin, direct trade and Cup of Excellence are consistently championed, bringing the world’s finest coffee beans to Australian coffee lovers.

Vertue Coffee

We are a micro roaster and café based in Carlton, Melbourne, with a simple philosophy: we source the best green coffee, roast to bring out the best in the bean and serve it with care and respect. Though our offerings change throughout the year, we will find you the perfect single origin or blend. At The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, we endeavor to deliver the tastiest coffees without pretentiousness, whether you’re new or seasoned.

Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters was established in 2009, in Brunswick, Melbourne by a small but dedicated group of coffee veterans. Simply put, our vision to produce delicious coffee. Our coffee is ethically sourced with equal regard given to those that we buy from and those that buy from us. When you brew a cup of Wide Open Road Coffee, you are at the final stage of a long and committed process.