Bolivia Alasitas

Market Lane
SGD 22.50

This coffee is the very first production from a brand new farm. Alasitas sits 1,580
metres above sea level, in the colony of Bolinda, located in a lush, steep mountain
valley outside the town of Caranavi. Alasitas is run by the incredible Pedro
Rodriguez, who has worked tirelessly to build up the production of, and market for,
Bolivian specialty coffee.

When Pedro saw that many farmers were abandoning coffee to grow coca for the drug trade, he established a few of his own small farms - to guarantee coffee supply, and to demonstrate to local producers what can be achieved with the application of modern farming techniques and a scientific approach. Agricafe now has 12 model farms, including Alasitas.

This very special lot of coffee was picked and then processed on the same day at the
Rodriguez family’s Buena Vista Mill. It was processed using the semi-washed
method: the coffee was pulped and then put out to dry without fermentation on
raised beds in an open greenhouse.

Tasting Notes
Honey and stewed apricot with a soft floral finish.


Red Caturra

Semi washed

1580 masl

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