Brazil Jose Joaqium

Seven Seeds
SGD 23.50

Born in the town of Piatã and with 30 years experience in coffee, producer Jose Joaquim knows the challenges of growing, harvesting and processing great coffee in his home region extremely well.

He and his neighbour Pedro Antonio banded together to combine the labour of harvest and regular farming duties. This particular lot has been selected from Jose’s 2.5Ha farm. Seven Seeds (Melbourne) is proud to be presenting Jose’s coffee for the very first time!

Tasting Notes
Mango, toffee and cinnamon.

Brazil - Bahia

Red Catuai

Pulped natural process

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Seven Seeds
“Seven Seeds takes its name from the precious cargo which Baba Budan smuggled out of Yemen and into India during the 17th century. By strapping seven seeds of fertile coffee to his waist, Brother Budan broke through the tightly regulated system which had, until then, kept coffee cultivation within the confines of the Arabic world. Because of Baba Budan and his determination to spread coffee around the world, we are now able to source beans from the Americas, Africa and Asia.”

Seven Seeds is a micro roaster, cafe and retailer based in Melbourne. Coffee is their passion and they source, import, roast and sell what they believe is among the best coffees around the world. Their aim is to maintain close relationships with these producers and regularly travel to origin to work on securing exceptional coffee.

Like all fruit, coffee is seasonal which means their coffee offerings are constantly changing throughout the year. They are careful to roast each new coffee to bring out the best and tastiest characteristics and are one of few roasteries to cup what they roast on a daily basis.