Colombia Delfin Carvajal

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A stellar washed Colombian produced by Delfin Carvajal. Bursts of pineapple and strawberry up front, notes of black tea and mellow honey. This stunning Caturra varietal is sweet and well balanced with a stunning smooth texture.
Producer Delfin Carvajal’s dedication to drying procedures is evident in the intense sweetness and overall high quality of his coffee lots. Delfin's strict ripeness criteria ensures the coffee is exposed to an aerobic fermentation for 30 hours after pulped, then dried in raised beds. His farm (Buena Vista) resides within the department of Huila in southern Colombia, spanned by the Andes mountains and home to the towering Nevado del Huila volcano. This extremely close proximity to the country’s Central Mountain Range has meant his coffee is harvested within a micro climate with low average temperatures, in turn, resulting in a larger concentration of sugar in the coffee cherry, and a high density bean structure.

This 100% Caturra microlot is another example of the result of excellent harvesting methods undertaken by dedicated producers within Colombia.
Colombia’s coffee growing regions are characterised by the differences between their rain patterns and harvest cycles, and the altitude and temperature at which the coffee is produced. In the southern zones of the country, close to the Equator, coffee is produced at a higher altitude and lower temperatures. These coffees produced in specific regions such as Narino, Cauca, Huila or South of Tolima have different harvesting cycles to other regions in the country. They tend to contain a higher acidity and can be very specific in terms of aroma and sweetness.

Tasting Notes
Pineapple, black tea and honey.

Colombia - San Agustin, Huila


Washed process

1700-1750 masl

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