Hermanos Pajoy

Small Batch Roasting Co.
SGD 23.50

Everything we love about Colombia: sweeeet balance from long time partners farming ultra sustaibably on a humble scale.

We’ve celebrated them individually before, and now the brothers Pajoy, Didier and Harold, have joined forces. They have processed their high-altitude Caturra in a particular way: after depulpung, the sticky coffee is fermented for an extended period in sealed drums. The anaerobic conditions allow for the proliferation of particular bacteria. It’s these lactic-acid bacteria that have eaten the mucilage and released desirable amino acids. These compounds are flavour precursors, released during
the process of roasting, and captured when brewed to perfection. So grower plus roaster plus brewer plus a whole lot of chemistry and we get a nice cuppa joe.

Tasting Notes
Delicate, sugarcane, rose tea and caramel.

Colombia - Huila


Washed process

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Small Batch Roasting Co.
“Anyone can make coffee as good as a café’s”

Small Batch Roasting Co. took its first baby steps when owner and founder, Andrew Kelly, started roasting beans on-site at Auction Rooms, but in early 2009, Small Batch Roasting Co. moved out and up the road to its own warehouse in the back streets of North Melbourne where it's since grown and flourished.

At Small Batch, a great deal of care is taken every step along the coffee chain. Green coffee is carefully and thoughtfully sourced through numerous visits to Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia and Kenya. Logistics are handled to ensure that the coffee arrives safely to Melbourne, where it is then meticulously roasted to best highlight the inherent quality of the coffee. Once roasted, the team takes time to train and educate wholesale accounts and retail customers alike, to ensure that the coffee shines as bright as it can.