El Salvador Mambo No.5

Ona Coffee (Canberra)
SGD 23.00

The ‘Mambo No.5’ micro lot is produced by Mauricio Salaverria on his farm Finca Himalaya in the Apaneca region of Honduras. This coffee is processed using the ‘Supersonic’ method developed by Mauricio and ONA Coffee founder, Sasa Sestic. The unique flavour profile comes from the Cuzcatleco varietal, a hybrid of Central American varietals.

The ‘Supersonic’ natural processing of this coffee has developed a red currant quality, accompanied by a raspberry sweetness and pinot-like flavour.


" Project Origin is ONA Coffee's ethical green bean trading company that sources specialty coffee beans scoring 83+ points. We collaborate with farmers in developing countries and support the communities in which we work. Based on principles on honesty, transparency and fairness, our vision focuses on building strong relationships and connecting communities through quality coffee. " - Sasa Sestic, World Barista Champion

*Please note that all Ona Coffee are not roast to order and your coffee will be from their latest roast batch.

Tasting Notes
Red currant, raspberry and pinot.

El Salvador - Apaneca

Natural process

1550 masl

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Ona Coffee (Canberra)
Ona Coffee (Canberra) believes that coffee is more than just a drink. Like a great wine, truly great coffee tells a story. It’s a story of community, history, culture, climate, time and, above all, passion. That’s where the ONA story began. With one man’s passion for the perfect cup of coffee and his obsession to find it.

Almost a decade later, after humble beginnings in 2008, we at ONA Coffee now proudly celebrate four cafés in Canberra, one in Sydney and supply exceptional, locally-roasted coffee to over 100 more.

Via the ethical trading company, Project Origin, we source the highest quality green beans produced in the most sustainable ways possible, deal directly with producers and empower communities in Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua and India, among others.

Back home, our coffee blends have won numerous awards over the years including best roast and best espresso. In both 2016 and 2017 ONA Coffee barista, Hugh Kelly, won the Australian Barista Championships and the year prior our founder, Sasa Sestic, won the 2015 Australian Barista Championships and was named World Barista Champion several weeks later after winning the world title in Seattle.

We work with the motto ‘Connecting Communities, Sharing Flavour’ because we believe that perfection isn’t a destination; it’s a journey, and one we want to share with you.