Ethiopia Kerchanshe Microlot

Vertue Coffee
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This coffee is grown by around 220 farmers living near the town of Kercha, in the Kerchanshe Kebele. The washing station is the Kerchanshe Mill and the growing region is about 2 km from the Mill.

Kerchanshe wet mill was established in 2006 and has 24 full time employees, with up to 304 temporary employees during harvest times. This high altitude micro region receives annual rainfall of 1250 – 1600mm. The name Kerchanshe means "your best coffee" in the language of Oromifa.

Tasting Notes
Strawberry jam, raisin, blueberry, apricot and marmalade.

Ethiopia - Kerchanshe Kebele, Kercha Woreda, Sidamo, Guji

Ethiopia Heirloom

Natural process

1900 - 2300 masl

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Vertue Coffee
“We are a micro roaster and café based in Carlton, Melbourne, with a simple philosophy: we source the best green coffee, roast to bring out the best in the bean and serve it with care and respect. Though our offerings change throughout the year, we will find you the perfect single origin or blend. At Vertue Coffee, we endeavor to deliver the tastiest coffees without pretentiousness, whether you’re new or seasoned.”

Vertue Coffee draws its name from the first coffee advertisement in 1652 which describes the taste and ways you can drink it to be cured of various ailments. Likewise, Vertue Coffee tries to re-introduce its coffee as something new and not yet tasted before.