Ethiopia Tade GG Natural Drip Bag

Simple Kaffa
SGD 4.50

Being a single estate, Tade GG, located in the region of Shakisso, Oromia, the entire process is thoughtfully planned out from the planting of coffee trees to selectively pick only the ripest cherries during harvest season so the coffee is of the highest quality, displaying flavours of it's terroir. The amount of effort that goes into producing their beans was rewarded in 2017, after winning 3rd place at the Taste of Harvest Competition held by East African Fine Coffee Association.

The quality of this coffee bean is so outstanding that the team behind Simple Kaffa decided to bring in coffee from Tade GG with three different processing methods. It's your chance to try how different processing methods can alter and enhance certain flavour profiles and characteristics, the Suke Quto Tade GG Natural, Washed and Honey Process and hold a little coffee cupping party in your mouth?

You will be amazed and intrigued by how a coffee from the same estate with different processing can taste so distinguishably different and delicious!

Now available in Single-Serve Drip Bags! Contains 10g of grounded coffee and all drip bags are nitro-flushed and sealed to ensure that the coffee stays fresh.

Tasting Notes
Strawberry, tropical fruits and floral.

Ethiopia - Oromia

Ethiopia Heirloom

Natural process

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Simple Kaffa
Simple Kaffa was founded by the 2016 World Barista Champion, Berg Wu. Our roastery dedicated to producing coffee beans that reflects the four features of high quality coffee-aroma, sweetness, smoothness and cleanness. In addition, every bag of Simple Kaffa coffee bean is meticulously adjusted and perfectly suitable for either filter or espresso.