Guatemala Renacimiento

Vertue Coffee (Melbourne)
SGD 23.50

Renacimiento Co-op has 68 female members who work together to produce 300 bags per harvest. 8 of these members are employed by the Co-op to look after the drying patio, help with growing, harvesting, processing and also to maintain and grow the communal organic fertiliser stock.

The members cultivate and share the fertiliser using resources from their farms, they are taught how to contribute and build these fertilisers and how to use the program to achieve the best results. All the coffee on these farms is shade grown alongside bananas, and they have a bee keeping program where they produce honey for export.

This coffee both Fair Trade and Organic certified, we are proud to work with the women of the Renacimiento Co-op.

Tasting Notes
Toffee, creamy apricot, strawberry jam and orange marmalade.

Guatemala - Sololá, Sololá Department

Catuai, Caturra

Fully washed

1500 masl

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Vertue Coffee (Melbourne)
Vertue Coffee (Melbourne) is a micro roaster and café based in Carlton, Melbourne, with a simple philosophy: we source the best green coffee, roast to bring out the best in the bean and serve it with care and respect. Though our offerings change throughout the year, we will find you the perfect single origin or blend. At Vertue Coffee, we endeavor to deliver the tastiest coffees without pretentiousness, whether you’re new or seasoned.

Vertue Coffee draws its name from the first coffee advertisement in 1652 which describes the taste and ways you can drink it to be cured of various ailments. Likewise, Vertue Coffee tries to re-introduce its coffee as something new and not yet tasted before.