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In the same way that you might keep going back to a particular vineyard's wines, coffee from India's famed Kelagur Heights Estate keeps finding its way back to us. Year after year, crop after crop, across a range of varietals (2015's geisha-hybrid was a standout) and processing methods the dedicated folk at Kelagur Heights have turned out hit after hit.

This beauty is a honey process and just as syrupy, smooth and sweet as you'd expect. Lot 14/53 combines three bean varietals (one of them proprietary to Kelagur Heights Estate) shade-grown and honey processed on-site.

It's got lovely sweet apricot, caramel and orange notes backed up by delicious milk chocolate. Full bodied with balanced orange juice acidity, it's great black or with milk and works well on a range of brewing methods.

The Kelagur Heights Estate is one of the best established and most successful of the many farms we source our coffee from - with a growing region for coffee and tea that covers 120 hectares and an annual output of up to 150 tonnes, they are well and truly leaders in the field. The picking, processing and traceability of their coffee is (as you'd expect) top notch, and in conjunction with the Central Coffee Research Institute of India the Estate has gone as far as producing its own hybrid coffee varietals (like the S-795) to better balance stability and pest-resistance with the fine-tuned flavours we expect from high-grade specialty beans.

Owned and managed by the same family for four generations, the Kelagur Heights Estate is a leader in the field, artfully balancing commercial scale production with innovation and attention to excellence.

Honey processing is often thought of as a hybrid between traditional washed and natural processing. In honey processing, the coffee is picked and sorted and then run through a mill that removes the cherry skins and some of the sticky, honey-like mucilage (hence the name) that surrounds the cherry bean before drying. The ‘colour’ assigned to a honey processed coffee generally refers to the amount of mucilage that has been removed in processing.

Tasting Notes
Smooth apricot, caramel and orange.

India - Manjarabad, Western Ghats, Chikmagular

S795, SLN6, SLN9

Honey process

1220 masl

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Padre Coffee
“Because we love our coffee so much, we can be very particular (some would say obsessive) about the way it is produced, prepared and presented.”

The Padre Coffee team puts endless time and energy into the curation of a diverse, accessible and ever-changing range of premium single origin and blended coffee beans, which they’re proud to source from traders and farmers all around the world that know the value of quality and believe - as they do - in ethical and sustainable production.

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