Kenya AA Ndaroini

Fuglen Coffee
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The first Kenyan coffee arrived this year. This coffee is a coffee produced in the district called Nyeri famous for floral and complicated coffee such as bergamot. The official name was Ndaro-ini Factory, Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society Ndaro-ini Factory started in 1984 before Gikanda Cooperative was created.

Ndaro-ini abundantly uses its fresh spring water, refining a wonderful completely wash coffee. Cherry matures over time due to climatic conditions in this area, density is high, hard cherry grows. And cherries can fully ripe. This year 200 tons of coffee cherries were gathered and refined from surrounding farmers belonging to the agricultural cooperatives. The flowering of coffee flowers usually takes place from March to April and harvesting from October to December in this area. In Kenya, mainly cooked completely wash is produced, boasting one of the world's best quality. Small scale farmers have about 700,000 households and produce 55% coffee throughout Kenya.

*Please note that all Fuglen Coffee are not roast to order and your coffee will be from their latest roast batch.

Tasting Notes
Red berries and cherry, rose hip acidity, aftertaste with light body red wine.


SL28, SL34

Washed process

1700 masl

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Fuglen Coffee
Fuglen has been running since 1963 as KAFFE FUGLEN and has since evolved in a unique way with the times, landing with COFFEE/COCKTAIL/VINTAGE DESIGN as its main concept today.

It was back in 2012 when Fuglen opened its first foreign branch in Shibuya, Tokyo under the name FUGLEN TOKYO. Recreating a concept equivalent to its flagship location, FUGLEN TOKYO now serves as a place where people can revel in the taste of Oslo through their selection of coffee and cocktails.

In 2014, 2 years following its opening, Fuglen established a roaster for improved quality and originality.

Following the concept “expressing the characteristics of the beans” Fuglen pursues originality in its flavor by taking on the whole process of selecting, roasting, and brewing the coffee beans.

Introducing the Nordic Style Light Roast to Japan as well as other Asian countries is another important factor that Fuglen holds dear to heart; to note, the Nordic style expresses fruitiness, a blooming sweetness and a clean aftertaste of the actual bean through roasting.

The lingering taste is often described to be as fresh and citrusy as an orange, sweet and has a bright acidity as a blueberry, and mildly sweet as a chocolate.

Take a break from your standard coffee, and come experience the Nordic style.