Nuvia Sweetener

SGD 14.00

Nuvia Sweetener is a low-calorie sugar replacement created from the pure extract of the naturally sweet stevia plant.

Our sweetener is made up of just two naturally derived ingredients - stevia and erythritol.
Our 150 g re-sealable pouch bag has been designed for use at home as a simple replacement for sugar in cakes, desserts, drinks and savoury dishes. Each 1.5 g serving is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar and has a tiny 0.4 calories compared to sugar’s 16 calories per 4 g teaspoon.

Our signature, great-tasting sweetener can be easily used in cooking and baking, and complements the natural flavour of tea and coffee.

- Low Calories
- No Sugar
- No Artificial
- Plant Based

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Our weekly order cycle closes every Monday 11.59pm (GMT +8). On Tuesdays, our roaster and brand partners will prepare your order. For coffee, it will be either roast to order or from their latest roast batch.

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At Nuvia, we create healthy sugar-free and sugar-reduced alternatives to the treats we all love.

We believe it is the small choices we all make every day that contribute to a full, vibrant and balanced life. Everyone knows too much sugar is bad, but it’s everywhere, addictive, delicious and life can be tough. Even trying to choose a healthy option can be a struggle with confusing labels and ever-changing advice on what is and isn’t healthy.

Our first product is a plant-based sugar alternative created with pure, high-quality stevia leaf.