Rwanda Nyarusiza

Market Lane
SGD 21.00

This coffee was processed at a washing station called Nyarusiza, in Rwanda’s Southern Province. The station is owned by the inspiring entrepreneur Epiphanie Mukashyaka.

Since 2000, Epiphanie has owned and run Buf Coffee, a business that buys coffee cherries from up to 7,000 smallholder farmers, including the members of five different local cooperatives. The majority of these farmers have an average of 300 coffee trees each, and they also use their land to cultivate crops like beans and maize to feed their families.

Buf Coffee has very strong links with the local communities that supply it, providing hundreds of jobs to local people during harvest (May-July), and employing ten people permanently year-round. At the end of each season, Epiphanie shares any surplus profits with the cooperatives she works with, as well as with her washing station managers.

Tasting Notes
Raisin and plum with a sweet apricot finish.

Rwanda - Nyamagabe

Red Bourbon

Washed process

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