Seasonal Espresso Blend

Padre Coffee (Melbourne)
SGD 26.00

The OG, a Melbourne classic: roasted fresh in Brunswick East since 2008.

Deliciously complex as espresso, the Seasonal espresso blend is mild and balanced. White or black, long or short, Seasonal has components that shine. Not packing an espresso machine set up at home - no probs, it makes for an excellent plunger, Aeropress or stovetop coffee too.

Our Seasonal espresso blend is a carefully balanced combination of our best drinking Central American and African coffees, set on a base of consistently delicious Colombian and Indian coffees. This blend is full-bodied and complex, with a bright acidity and notes of malt, toffee, caramel and almond.

About the Colombian coffee beans in this blend (Colombia Gaitania 25%):
Fully washed process - Typica and Cattura varietals from Agprocem & Asopep cooperatives based in Gaitania, Tolima.

About the Indian coffee beans in this blend (India Gungegiri 25%):
Fully washed process - Catimor varietal from Sangameshwar Coffee Estates based in the Western Ghats, South West India.

About the Ethiopian coffee beans in this blend (Ethiopia Birbirsa 25%):
Natural process - Ethiopia Heirloom varietal from Kerchanshe Trading Exporters based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

About the Guatemalan coffee beans in this blend (Guatemala Huehuetenago 25%):
Fully washed process - Bourbon, Cattura and Catuai varietals from Unex Exporters based in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Tasting Notes
Complex and balanced. Malt, toffee, caramel and almond.


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Padre Coffee (Melbourne)
Padre Coffee (Melbourne) was born in Brunswick East back in late 2007/early 2008. We started small, roasting, brewing and selling all of our coffee under the one roof in the heart of the community; making friends, having fun and learning as we went. Our Victorian HQ and roastery is still here in Brunswick East, and a lot of our first customers are as well – in fact, we’re proud to say that it’s thanks to the support of loyal, coffee-loving locals that we’ve grown up to be the company we are today.

We now have two beautiful stores selling coffee beans and brews in Melbourne as well as a stunning roastery-cafe now open in Noosa. After years refining the process while roasting for ourselves, the Padre family has also grown to include a handful of special cafes & venues in Victoria and Queensland.

At the same time, not much has changed. Padre is still a small, owner-run business that prides itself on exceptional products and outstanding service. We love making coffee.

We can be very particular (some would say obsessive) about the way it is produced, prepared and presented. Our dedicated roasting team put all of their time and energy into the curation of a diverse, accessible and ever-changing range of premium single origin and blended coffee beans, which we’re proud to source from traders and farmers all around the world that know the value of quality and believe - as we do - in ethical and sustainable production.

We roast our coffee in small, loving batches; juggling time, temperature and air-flow to create a fulfilling flavour profile for each bean. It's a pleasure to taste and test our coffee exhaustively, and to brew with the very best equipment. At Padre we drink coffee every way we know how, and are devoted to the education and information that will help our customers to get the best out of every cup.

We make a point of hiring dedicated, switched-on individuals and on training them from the ground up, which helps to ensure that the Padre team (and, as follows, the product) is strong and consistent across everything we do. Enthusiastic, unpretentious coffee lovers are the foundation of our company. We believe in quality produce, sustainability, and in having strong relationships with the people we work with, which is why we take the time to make sure that even the tea, milk and chocolate that we use are premium local products made by thoughtful and engaged individuals.

We’re proud to supply our coffee to friends and like-minded people, people it’s a joy to work with. Of course, it’s more than just coffee we provide – years in the industry have taught us that it’s the tools, training, guidance and support we offer that make sure the Padre bean lives up to its name, wherever you might find it.

The Padre family has grown to include two roasteries, two stand-alone cafes and a handful of wonderful wholesale clients. While the coffee is, thankfully, the same, each of our cafes is individual; born of and tailored to the community that it supports. In every case we aim to meet the needs of local people, giving them coffee worth getting out of bed for as well as everything that they need in order to brew the perfect cup at home.

Opened in early 2016, our Noosa roastery has become a mecca for the Sunshine Coast's coffee community; a roastery, cafe, retail store, training lab and wholesale HQ all-in-one where we roast, brew and drink Padre Coffee all under the same roof. A bright, sunny and open space brings all the elements together.

Padre Coffee Brunswick East at 438-440 Lygon Street was our first cafe and is still going strong after all these years. Home to our Melbourne roastery, it is down-to-earth and friendly, the perfect place to fine-tune your aeropress technique or settle in with the weekend paper.

Padre Coffee South Melbourneopen since December 2009, is perfectly at home among the South’s finest butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Providing soothing lattes, friendly advice and beans by the bag to the bustling market masses, a quick stop at our South Melbourne stall is a must for Melbourne’s most discerning shoppers.

For Espresso
Dose: 22.5g
Yield: 36g
Time: 28-33s
Ratio: 1:1.6
Temperature: ~94 degree celcius

This recipe is for espresso and developed on a commercial coffee machine. Use as a guide to achieve your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.