Timor Leste Leubasa

Sensory Lab
SGD 23.50

Pour over Recipe: 12gm to 200ml, Brew Time 2 - 2 & 1/2 minutes
Esp. Recipe: Dose 20 - 22gm / Yield 46 - 52gm / Time 26 - 32 seconds

Tasting Notes
Ripe stonefruit, mango and vanilla.

Timor Leste - Ermera, Letefoho


Washed process

1700-1900 masl

This coffee is freshly roasted in Melbourne.

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Sensory Lab
Sensory Lab is firmly focused on helping its customers find new ways to appreciate coffee. From offering a variety of brewing methods or walking customers through a series of sensory tests with tasting notes, to providing the hardware for coffee at home, it’s out to change the way we enjoy a brew. Coffee shops such as the Sensory Lab are driven by an increased interest in and awareness of the finer points of coffee tasting, dubbed by some "the third wave". These new cafes cater to a growing base of customers who know their Colombian Supremo from their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. If you don’t fit into this group yet, the Sensory Lab would like to help.