Nicaragua Carlos Ferrey Natural Microlot

Vertue Coffee
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Carlos Ferry runs the El Recreo farm situated 187Km from the town of Jinotega, his farm of 147 hectares was acquired in 1972. Carlos cultivates a number of coffee tree varietals and produces fully washed, honey processed and natural coffees.

In 2016, development began on the estate to install raised African beds, for use with drying the honey and natural lots. Carlos hopes to improve his microlot production with this more controlled drying technique.

At the estate, there is a focus on education and healthy practices for the workers. A school has been established to train in the art of cupping, allowing access to local residents.

Tasting Notes
Fruit loops, yuzu, musky, tropical fruit and redcurrant.

Nicaragua - Jinotega

Catuai, Caturra

Natural process

1200 -1300 masl

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Vertue Coffee
“We are a micro roaster and café based in Carlton, Melbourne, with a simple philosophy: we source the best green coffee, roast to bring out the best in the bean and serve it with care and respect. Though our offerings change throughout the year, we will find you the perfect single origin or blend. At Vertue Coffee, we endeavor to deliver the tastiest coffees without pretentiousness, whether you’re new or seasoned.”

Vertue Coffee draws its name from the first coffee advertisement in 1652 which describes the taste and ways you can drink it to be cured of various ailments. Likewise, Vertue Coffee tries to re-introduce its coffee as something new and not yet tasted before.