Bored of the coffee at your office?
Never again as Cafebond brings you the BEST freshly roasted specialty coffees from around
the world!

Our great tasting, yet affordable coffees are perfect for top corporations, and also great for impressing clients.


Our goal is to make you look forward to coffee in the office.
Say bye to $5 cappuccinos and say hi to café standard coffee a minute's walk from your desk!

Discover and Explore Coffee with

With the many wonderful international roasters that we partner, we have the largest variety of coffees in Singapore.

How it works:

We'll provide you a coffee from a different roaster with monthly deliveries
This ensures optimum freshness as specialty coffee is best consumed within a month.
Simply tell us how much coffee you need in a month via email at and we'll take care of you!


You can also place individual orders with us and select the coffees that you prefer!




(By whatever beans necessary)

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order?

For Cafebond Basic, the minimum order is 1kg to qualify for wholesale prices. For coffees from international roasters there is a 2kg minimum order.

Can I taste the coffee before buying?

Definitely! We offer a complimentary tasting session held at your office where we will bring along an espresso machine and brew the coffees for you to taste. Drop us an email to set it up!

How fresh will my coffee be when it arrives?

All coffees sold at are roasted-to-order to ensure freshness and quality. The coffees would be delivered 5-10 days post-roast - optimal for immediate brewing.

How much coffee should I order?

Order just enough for a month's consumption as all speciality coffee's optimal use date is between 7-30 days post roast.

What is the lead-time between ordering the coffee and getting it delivered to my office?

The lead-time for Cafebond Basic is 1 week as it is roasted locally. For coffees from international roasters, the lead-time is 1.5 to 2 weeks. All coffees would arrive between 5 to 10 days post-roast, optimal for brewing.

How do I place an order?

To place an order please email us the name of the coffee you'd like and the quantity (in kilograms) at

The way specialty coffee is defined, is through a quality score. Coffees that score above 80 on this 100 point scale are considered specialty coffee.

All aspects - from the farms which the beans grow on, to the procurement of the coffee, and most importantly to the taste of the coffees - are taken note of and contributes to the quality score. This ensures traceability and a certain high standard demanded when classifying specialty coffee.

For a healthier, more productive you - our speciality coffees are bursting with flavours ranging from spices to nuts to floral and fruity undertones. No sugar needed!

Non speciality coffee beans and instant coffee beverages may have attributes such as: low bean quality, poor taste & a lack of transparency and sustainability.

All coffees on are specialty grade coffee.

Our roasters are involved in direct trade with farmers so as to ensure fairness of their trade and craft, and also freshness of beans.

Hence, the beans are very supply-traceable, organic, and you can be sure that the farmers are paid a fair wage.

Also, if you are struggling with the pile of coffee grounds that you have leftover from brewing, email us and we'll suggest a few ways of recycling it!

We are currently researching ways to re-use used coffee grounds on a larger scale - so watch this space for future developments.

We started back in 2016 and was listed among 'Singapore's 20 Hottest Startups'.

In March 2018, co-founder Keyis Ng made the 'Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia's List'.

By doing business with us, you are not only supporting a young ambitious startup, but also the local entrepreneurial scene as we continue to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore.

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