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Cafebond for Offices

Let's face it.

Office coffee, while serving the purpose of getting you through a hectic work day, tastes bad. Walking to the nearest Cafe from your office is time consuming and the cost of drinking coffee from the Cafe daily adds up.

Why settle when you can taste better coffee at your workplace?

This is why Cafebond for Offices was created. We deliver freshly roasted specialty coffee beans to your office, so that your time and money can be spent on more important work.

After all, happier employees means better performance.

How it works?

Tell us what you like.

Choose your favourite coffee bean roaster. From our in-house specialty coffee brand, Cafebond Basic, to international roasters from Melbourne. There are many variety of beans curated to every office's preference. Feeling lost? Let us recommend for you!

Coffee is roasted to order.

Place your order for coffee beans by Monday, 11:59pm. Get them roasted on the same week by our coffee roaster.

Delivered to your office.

As soon as the coffee beans are roasted, we waste no time in delivering them to you. Receive your fresh roast at the doorstep at your office the following Monday.

Reasons why
Cafebond is
perfect for
your office.

Happier Employees.

85% of employees in an employee survey feel that quality coffee improves their morales.

Employees are the greatest assets of a company. A great way of showing your appreciation to them is by providing them better quality coffee.

Productivity Boost.

Cafebond for Offices delivers specialty coffee beans straight to your office, to fulfill the demands for coffee of exceptional quality.

This helps your business save precious time by sparing your employees the hassle of the extra trip to a cafe for a coffee-fix. This increases productivity and your team saves income from coffee expenses.

Affordable pricing.

Enjoy cafe standard coffee for under $0.40 per cup! Cafes charge $5 for a cup of specialty coffee on average. For a fraction of the price, you can enjoy coffee that taste as great if not, better at your office.

Cost savings with Cafebond For Offices

By brewing your coffee at your office, it helps saves time and money. Averagely, 15 minutes is the time it takes to get a cup of coffee. Based on $70K average annual wage for a worker that is working 8 hours for 5 days a week, consuming 1 coffee a day. Find out how much your office will be saving in a year.

How many staffs do you have at the office?

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Annual Productivity Savings

SGD $2,160

Billable Hours Saved

60 Hours

Want to explore more?
Discover coffee from top roasters
around the world in one plan

At, we partner with the best coffee roasters to get your office caffeinated and happy.
With our coffee carousel subscription plan, you will be able to taste coffee from
4 different cities - Melbourne, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Prices starts from S$40/kg.

Offices with an Espresso Machine

Investing in that espresso machine was a great move. Now, let's make your coffee even better! Choose from a wide selection of specialty coffee beans that we have to offer.

Can't decide? Let us help you, fill in the form and tell us what type of coffee you are looking for. We will find the coffee that is best suited for your office.

Offices without Espresso Machine

Don't have an espresso machine?

We provide customised coffee solutions for all offices.

In partnership with De'Longhi coffee machine, we cater for a low-cost for espresso machine rental option. Coffee machine leasing starts from S$90/month, that's only S$3 a day!

Get in touch with us to enjoy a complimentary
coffee tasting session at your office.
We love to share our delicious coffee with your team!