What is Cafebond for Offices?

Coffee at office isn’t new but we want to ensure that your staff are getting good, quality coffee. By having specialty coffee at your office, you help them save time and money buying from a cafe. It makes them more productive while giving them more freedom and power.

Enjoy cafe standard coffee under S$0.40 a cup. Fill in the form and enjoy a complimentary coffee tasting for your team!

Our in-house blend
Cafebond Basic Coffee Beans

50% India
Kerela Plantation AA Beans

The Indian coffee (fully washed) originates from India’s Karnataka Kerala Estate. The farm is managed by 3rd generation A.N. Devraj and his wife Pallavi. The farm house's supply runs on a nearby spring, delivering fresh drinking water and generates green energy for the house via a small hydroelectric power station.

50% Brazil
Fazenda Amarela Beans

The Brazilian coffee (natural process) originates from Paraguacu, Minas Gerais, located in the Southeast region of Brazil. Mr. Carlos Lisboa Prado, an aviator-turned-farmer, has been running the farm since the late 50s. This coffee is Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade-certified.

Enjoy cafe standard coffee under S$0.40 per cup!

Freshly Roasted in Singapore

We roast weekly in our Singapore roastery.

Specialty Grade

We serve the best grade of specialty coffee. Say goodbye to bad supermarket coffee!

Ethically Sourced

Our beans are ethically sourced and can be traced back to the farm.

Proudly Local

Support a young Singapore homegrown brand.

Want to explore more?
Discover coffee from top roasters
around the world in one plan

At Cafebond.com, we partner with the best coffee roasters to get your office caffeinated and happy.
With our coffee carousel subscription plan, you will be able to taste coffee from
4 different cities - Melbourne, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Prices starts from S$40/kg.

Our Brewtiful Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the packaging size and is there a minimum order?
    Our coffee beans comes in 1kg bags. There is no minimum order for our in-house blend Cafebond Basic. For international coffee beans, the minimum order is 2kg.
  2. Can I try the coffee?
    Yes you can! We are able to offer complimentary tasting sessions for your team. Fill up the enquiry form to arrange or drop us an email at offices@cafebond.com
  3. How much coffee should I order?
    Generally for most automatic coffee machines, 1kg of beans can make up to 100 cups of coffee. We encourage to order accordingly based on this ratio.
  1. When should I order?
    We close our weekly Cafebond basic orders every Monday at 10am. For the coffee carousel subscription, we close our orders every last monday of the month at 10am. The coffee beans will be roasted in the same week.
  2. When will the beans be delivered?
    All coffee beans will be delivered by the following Monday.
  3. Do you supply to offices outside of Singapore?
    We currently deliver to Singapore based offices only. However, we will soon expand our Cafebond for offices to Malaysia. For other countries, you are able to shop on our e-commerce site Cafebond.com at retail price.

Ready to taste better coffee at work?
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