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  • AsiaOne.com : Melbourne's best coffees are just a click away

    22 December 2016

    Two friends, Eugene Chen and Keyis Ng, realised just what a grip coffee has on Asians and found a gap in the market that hadn't yet been tapped into. And so Cafebond.com was launched - in Singapore in June, and Malaysia in October.

    The website offers high-quality coffee blends from some of Australia's best coffee joints in Melbourne like Auction Rooms, Ona Coffee (home of 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic), Seven Seeds, Dukes Coffee, Wide Open Road and Market Lane as well as single origin beans sourced by the brand's coffee merchants.

    Bags of 200 to 300g start at upwards of RM50 (S$16) with a flat shipping fee of RM10 and a guarantee that the product will arrive within 10 days of roasting.

    What's great about the site is the sheer variety of what's on offer. You'll find over 100 selections at any given time, making it the largest coffee collection available to Malaysians at the moment.

    These include a selection of espresso roast and filter roast blends and single origin coffees, with detailed tasting notes and explanations about the beans and also the cafes. All you have to do is narrow your search according to your preference and navigate through the many options available to find your favourite ones.

    Some of the best sellers on the site include the signature blends from ST ALi, Seven Seeds (both from Melbourne) and Ona Coffee (from Canberra). The idea for the site was spurred by the Singaporean duo's holiday in Melbourne where according to Ng, they had one of the best cuppa ever at the popular coffee mecca, ST ALi.

    "We then began to play with the idea of bringing the iconic coffee culture of Melbourne back with us to Singapore. We wanted to bring home the distinctive flavours found only while drinking Australian coffee and establish a platform that would allow people to connect and share global cultures through coffee. That idea is what led us to founding Cafebond.com," says Ng.

    Ng combined his background in marketing with Chen's expertise in coding to develop the site. After persuading the Melbourne cafes to come onboard, they set about developing the site, and used the Eels system to consolidate orders. This also allowed them to lower shipping fees to a flat RM10, regardless of the size of the order.

    For context, the cost of shipping 250g of coffee beans (which retails at around RM50) from Australia to Malaysia through an international courier company is around RM150 - three times the price of the beans! With Cafebond.com's system, orders are collated on a weekly basis and delivered to the company's Malaysian office in Johor, thus ensuring a minimal shipping fee is incurred.

    This system also feeds into the site's guarantee that beans will be delivered within 10 days of being roasted. The site's system works this way: every Monday at 2359 hours, the order window is closed; on Tuesday, coffee is prepared by cafes in Australia, either roasted to order or from their latest roast. On Wednesday, the beans are shipped from Australia to Malaysia, after which Cafebond.com carries out next day delivery.

    "For freshness of coffee beans, it will be around one to two weeks old, which is the optimal period to use it for brewing," says Ng.

    This is a view echoed by Sestic, who said in an interview with Today newspaper in Singapore, "We recommend customers enjoy the coffee from day nine or 10 and up to three-and-a-half to four weeks, depending on the coffee. We usually write down that we prefer you to finish the batch within 30 days of being roasted," he says.

    In terms of price point, RM50 and above for specialty coffee is actually very competitive, says Ng. "The price on Cafebond.com is similar to the offerings of Malaysia's locally roasted specialty coffee bean products and the pricing you see on the platform is similar to what you get in store directly at the cafes in Australia," he explains.

    In fact, Ona Coffee charges a A$10 (RM33) delivery fee within Australia, so in some instances, the coffee might even work out cheaper if you order it on Cafebond.com.

    Since the site launched in Singapore, it has served over 1,000 customers and the duo expects response to be even better in Malaysia. But Ng says Melbourne cafes are just the starting point for the more global trajectory they have in mind.

    Other coffee-centric cities are on their radar, with Tokyo being their next point of focus.

    Ng also adds that while the initial target demographic of the site was regular coffee junkies, they now know there is a demand for specialty coffee among corporate consumers looking for (and often in desperate need of) good quality coffee to keep them fuelled through long office hours.

    This has led to the conceptualisation of the soon-to-be-launched Cafebond for Offices to fill the void in the market.

    Cafebond.com will also have a wholesale platform by the end of the year to cater to the positive response received from local cafes.

    "We participated in a consumer food expo in KL and were quite surprised by the overwhelming wholesale requests we got from independent cafe owners around Malaysia who would like to use our coffee beans at their cafes," says Ng.

    While the site is currently only available in Singapore and Malaysia, expansion plans are in the works and according to Ng, the site will be launched in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong early next year.

    Source : http://www.asiaone.com/lifestyle/food/melbournes-best-coffees-are-just-click-away

    动点科技 : 咖啡帮让亚洲人喝上一杯好喝不贵的澳洲咖啡

    2017 年 1 月 17 号

    “两年前我和我的联合创始人去墨尔本旅行,喝到了我人生中最好喝的一杯咖啡。”咖啡帮 创始人黄振隆说,“那家咖啡厅名叫 St.ali。是它让我萌生了将澳洲的咖啡豆卖往亚洲的想法。”

    经历了一年的准备期,2016 年 6 月,咖啡帮在新加坡上线,11 月,在马来西亚上线。作为一个精品咖啡豆共享和电商平台,咖啡帮在做的事情非常简单:一头连接着以 2000 多家小型独立咖啡烘焙商为主导,凭借在采购、烘焙和冲泡咖啡等方面的经验,引领了全球精品咖啡交易市场的墨尔本,一头连接着追求精致饮用体验,却苦于海外咖啡豆购买不便的新加坡、马来西亚用户。

    “想要买到澳洲的精品咖啡豆,有两个难题:一是难找,二是运费贵。”黄振隆说,咖啡帮就这两个问题提供了一套解决方案。首先,咖啡帮与包括 Auction Rooms、Clement Coffee 等在内的十四家墨尔本大型咖啡馆达成了合作关系,协助他们开设线上商铺,帮助用户进行一站式购买。其次,咖啡帮为高额的跨洋物流费用提供了有效降低成本的解决方案。“一百块钱的咖啡豆,从墨尔本运到东南亚,要三百块运费。”黄振隆说,精品咖啡豆对冷链运输有很高的需求,运输费用极大地提高了总体成本。针对这一问题,咖啡帮在行业内开创了名为 “Eels”(咖啡厂商的端到端物流解决方案软件)的解决方案,“我们整理平台上的订单,对多个包裹进行合并物流,使得顾客可以尽可能低的运费购买咖啡豆,”黄振隆介绍说,如果订单数量足够多,甚至可以减免运费。

    此外,咖啡帮电商平台开创性地采用了 “订单-烘焙 ”系统,为要求烘焙的用户提供服务。咖啡馆商家可以实时接收订单,从而确保将最新鲜烘焙出来的咖啡豆送货上门到顾客手中。

    目前,咖啡帮的用户主要来自于 C 端,但他们正逐渐开始对咖啡馆提供批发业务。“我之前看过一组数据,说中国将会在未来十年之内成为全球最大的咖啡豆贸易市场。”黄振隆说,顺利的话,咖啡帮将在今年进入中国。“中国的电商行业已经比较成熟,我们正在考虑寻找第三方进行合作,一起开发这块市场。”


    在盈利模式上,咖啡帮平台上的咖啡豆都采取“即买即卖”的模式,没有任何存货和库存压力。在每笔交易成行后,咖啡帮将抽取 20%-40%的佣金。

    目前,咖啡帮拥有一支 6 人的团队,分别负责营销和技术开发等工作。黄振隆及联合创始人陈建翰都有着很强的“咖啡情结”。“我们希望顾客品尝到咖啡的最佳口味,也正是它应该被品尝到的味道。” 黄振隆说。陈建翰在回忆自己对咖啡的悠长感情时说,“从我的孩提时代开始,咖啡就成为了我生命的重要组成部分。我依然记得每天一醒来就能够闻到父亲在煮 kopi ( —种马来西亚传统咖啡)的香味。我们想要把所有这些东西由我们的平台整合在一起,通过咖啡连接人们和分享全球文化。”

    去年,咖啡帮获得了来自中国风险投资公司求索创投的 25 万新币(约合 125 万人民币)的 Pre-seed 轮投资。同年 11 月,它又入围 2016 TechCrunch 北京 创业大赛 15 强。

    Source : http://cn.technode.com/post/2017-01-17/cafebond/

    3.8频道新闻及时事节目 : 为推广咖啡文化 起步公司利用网络与应用程序平台

    2017年 1 月 30 号

    本地近几年冒出不少咖啡馆,但只有约一半营业超过四年。为推广咖啡文化、一些起步公司利用网络平 ,降低咖啡豆运输费及推出咖啡配套。




    咖啡应用程序Coffee Break创办人黄丞耀说:“星巴克在本地也有同样数量的连锁店,我们一旦能结合多过120家咖啡馆,就能组成自己的连锁独立咖啡馆,它们可以合作以提高效率和顾客群。这些小型咖啡馆通常不会有足够资源作行销工作,这就是我们能帮忙的地方。”



    Source : http://www.channel8news.sg/news8/latestnews/20170130-biz-coffee-apps/3478048.html