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    Feb / March, 2016

    Cafebond, which is currently incubated with Infocomm Investments, offers a web and mobile platform that connects coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world, so you can taste and buy unique specialty coffee beans and blends from roaster-owned cafes from London to Melbourne, Singapore to Beijing, in one easy checkout process. According to the founders, they are leveraging on roasterowned cafes' branding to promote the coffee on Cafebond to the consumer. Keyis even took up part-time barista jobs at two different cafes (one international café chain and one local independent café) just to learn the business of coffee retail.

    Source: http://sbr.com.sg/sites/default/files/singaporebusinessreview/print/SBR_FebMar2016_HottestStartups.pdf


    May 20, 2016

    This new service is bringing hip Australian coffee joints closer to you.

    Melbourne, Australia's "hipster capital", is known for its vibrant arts and indie music scene, and (of course) cool roasters specializing in artisanal coffee.

    If you're a fan of names such as Seven Seeds, Industry Beans and Market Lane, you can now try making your own cafe-standard cuppa. Launching on May 25, Cafebond.com is an e-commerce platform offering fancy coffee beans from 14 of Mebourne's most popular cafes. Besides retailing the cafes' signature blends, the site also has a changing selection of single origin beans from coffee farms all over the world. Caffeine fiends have the option of choosing their favorite type of brews and beans roasted for espresso and filter preparation methods.

    Soruce: http://sg.asia-city.com/city-living/news/you-can-now-get-beans-your-fave-melbourne-cafes-singapore#sthash.ijDHmVsH.dpuf


    May 25, 2016

    Singapore start-up Cafebond aims to make speciality coffee more easily accessible

    A new web and mobile platform— where coffee lovers can shop for Australia’s best coffee beans, freshly roasted, at one place — was launched on Wednesday (May 25).

    Cafebond.com (https://cafebond.com/), a local start-up, will be coming online at 7.30pm with coffee beans from 14 of Melbourne’s top cafes-cum-roasters (including Small Batch Roasting Co and Code Black Coffee Roasters), as well as World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic’s roastery and cafe, Ona Coffee, in Canberra.

    Australia has one of best coffee cultures in the world, said Sestic, who is in town for the Singapore premiere of The Coffee Man, a character documentary that follows the 37-year-old on his journey to the Australian and world championships. The screening of the film at Capitol Theatre today is in conjunction with the portal’s launch.

    “Australia as a country is very diverse; every cafe and roastery will do things slightly differently,” Sestic said. “I think it would be interesting for consumers to taste all the other coffees and see what their (preferred) cup of coffee is.”

    For example, Ona Coffee sets itself apart by sourcing its beans directly from growers. “We work with 150 plus farmers in 10 countries; and we also own our own coffee farms (in Nicaragua and Honduras at the moment),” he added. It also helps that the company boasts two barista champions, Sestic and current Australian champion (2016) Hugh Kelly.

    “And we also do three different roast profiles — a roast profile for filter coffee, for espresso and milk based coffees. (Consumers) can select the blends ... and we also provide the (brewing) recipes, so people can brew these coffees very easily,” he continued.

    What’s more, beans bought via Cafebond.com are roasted upon order and delivered within seven days, and at a nominal fee of S$10, to boot. “What Cafebond does is bring the shipping cost down to make these beans more affordable, said co-founder and CEO Keyis Ng, 28, who began working on building the business with partner and CTO Eugene Chen, 31. “To ship a 250g bag of beans from Australia to Singapore using DHL or TNT will easily cost up to S$30 to S$40 dollars, which is more than the cost of the beans,” Ng shared, explaining that the flat delivery fee regardless of the size of the order, is made possible using a “consolidation shipping algorithm”.

    Consumers can view all available brands on the website but can only place an order from June 1. That said, the company will waiving delivery charges for the first week for all orders.

    “We charged a delivery fee of A$10 for orders within Australia,” Sestic said, pointing out how consumers in Singapore will get their coffee beans “as fresh as Ona’s customers in Sydney or Perth”.

    He also explained how the seven-days delivery schedule works to their advantage. “Some of the coffee we roast can peak between 25 and 30 days from the moment they are roasted. Which is why I was excited that Cafebond can deliver within seven days. And if someone starts using their coffee from the moment (it is delivered), it might be too fresh, which is a good problem. So it’s never going to be delivered stale,” he said. “We recommend customers (enjoy) the coffee from day nine or 10 and up to three-and-a-half to four weeks, depending on the coffee. We usually write down that we prefer you to finish the batch within 30 days of being roasted.”

    Because coffee harvest is seasonal, origins of the beans in the blends, he explained, are also adjusted to provide a consistent product. “We understand that speciality coffee at home was not very popular because it was not approachable; even though it is very delicious, it is very hard to make it nice. So we try to minimise all the fuss surrounding making good coffee,” Sestic said. To which Ng added: “The specialty coffee market in Singapore is very small. But people are getting more educated about their food, so I think it is definitely growing.”

    In fact, Ng remains extremely positive about this increasingly global culture. “We hope to be the world’s largest specialty coffee e-commerce platform in five years, and bring Cafebond.com to coffee lovers throughout Asia,” he said.

    Source: http://www.todayonline.com/lifestyle/food/coffee-fans-here-can-now-get-australias-best-specialty-coffee-delivered-them


    Cafebond.com brings the specialty coffee beans of Melbourne's renowned cafes to the doorsteps of connoisseurs in Singapore.

    MELBOURNE is famously a city of coffee snobs, boasting indie cafes that have sent Starbucks packing. Now, coffee lovers here can get a taste of Melbourne's finest with a click of the mouse - e-commerce site Cafebond.com brings specialty coffee beans from the city's cafes and roasters right to your doorstep.

    Launched this week, Cafebond. com's catalogue includes single-origin offerings and signature blends from 14 Melbourne cafes including ST. ALi, Seven Seeds and Market Lane, as well as Canberra's Ona Coffee, founded by 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic.

    The site is the brainchild of Eugene Chen, 31, and Keyis Ng, 28, a former IT developer and a marketing professional, respectively.

    A trip to Melbourne two years ago introduced them to the fine-grained pleasures of specialty coffee. But unlike cafe-preneurs here, the duo aren't concerned with selling the experience of sipping a piccolo latte in some hipster back alley; rather, they're looking to connoisseurs with their own AeroPress or coffee machines, and even corporate offices, some of which feature pantries with full-time baristas on hand.

    They are betting that these coffee- lovers will fork out an extra S$10 for shipping, though the beans are priced competitively from S$13 to S$20 for around 300 grams.

    Orders start on June 1, with the loot made-to-order and arriving in a week - the perfect window for freshly-roasted beans to rest before consumption.

    "As the coffee scene here matures, and with the convenience and accessibility that we offer, there may be new customers who switch from just cafe- hopping to buying beans for home use," says Mr Ng.

    His partner is a prime example of their target audience - Mr Chen bought his first pack of specialty beans online three years ago. "By the time I leave work, all the shops are closed," explains Mr Chen, who does most of his shopping on the Web.

    And it seems merchants are biting; we're told ST. ALi's Salvatore Malatesta (often considered a specialty coffee pioneer) said yes within five minutes of hearing their pitch.

    "These Melbourne cafes are gaining recognition worldwide, but they don't necessarily have the resources to open overseas outlets," explains Mr Ng. "An online platform like ours offers an opportunity to expand while posing minimal risks."

    Their concept has also attracted a S$250,000 investment from Quest Ventures, the venture capital firm behind online marketplace app Carousell and restaurant app Burpple.

    Cafebond.com is also one of four startups selected by Microsoft Singapore to be co-located within its Asia- Pacific headquarters.

    In the future, the team intends to expand their range with Tokyo's specialty beans, and roll out a mobile app, though the greatest challenge lies in becoming a one-stop shop for coffee solutions. "Corporate clients will probably want us to provide the full package - not just beans but machines, maintenance and even baristas," says Mr Ng.

    "We've been talking to coffee machine manufacturers, though we're currently still putting our core business first."

    For now, they are looking to launch in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong by the end of the year.

    "Realistically, Singapore has a significant market for specialty coffee but it's not huge," says Mr Ng. "In 10 years' time, China is projected to be the biggest coffee consumer, with 20 to 30 per cent of the market going to fresh beans."

    If that takes off, who knows - perhaps even local roasters like Papa Palheta or Brawn & Brains might hop on board and become regional names some day.

    Source: http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/lifestyle/food-drink/click-and-smell-the-coffee


    May 30, 2016

    It is hard to believe that the current world barista champion Sasa Sestic did not like coffee.

    The former handball athlete, who retired from the sport at age 24, worked as a barista in his hometown of Canberra, Australia. But he had no passion for the drink.

    "I liked making coffee and talking to people, but I didn't like to drink coffee. I found it bitter and smoky." The turning point came about three years later, when he tried a cup of coffee in Sydney.

    "I tasted blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. It was delicious," says the Bosnia-born Sestic, 37, whose family moved to Australia in 1997.

    Since then, the owner of Canberra speciality coffee chain Ona Coffee has been living and breathing coffee, especially when competing for the World Barista Championship (WBC), often seen as the Olympics for baristas.

    His life story and coffee journey is chronicled in the documentary The Coffee Man, which premiered last week at the Capitol Theatre to invited guests. There were no public screenings.

    Sestic was also here for the launch of new e-commerce platform Cafebond, where coffee lovers can buy beans from 15 notable cafes in Australia, including Ona Coffee. The other 14 cafes are from Melbourne and include Seven Seeds, Market Lane and Industry Beans.

    Cafebond is part of DBS Bank's start-up support programme DBS Hotspot 2016, with China venture capital firm Quest Ventures as its investor. It is founded by Mr Keyis Ng, 28, a marketing professional, and Mr Eugene Chen, 31, a former IT developer.

    Online retail starts on Wednesday at www.cafebond.com. On the partnership with Cafebond, Sestic says that he wants Singaporeans to have access to his beans. After all, he takes pride in having a close relationship with the coffee producers he buys from, through Project Origin, an ethical green bean trading company which he founded in 2011.

    He also owns coffee farms in Honduras and Nicaragua, and is looking to purchase another farm in El Salvador in the next six months. Besides buying beans from the farms, he also uses them for research and development to experiment with new methods of farming or producing better beans.

    He says: "If a cup of coffee is not to your liking, it takes a barista three minutes to make another cup. But it takes the farmer four years to see if he has done something right. We want to make sure that his time is not wasted."

    While he generally drinks four to six cups of coffee a day, he says he can drink more than 100 a day for work tastings and intense cupping sessions. It is his constant quest to find the "perfect cup", which he compares to meeting a first love.

    However, the "love" is shortlived.

    "I find a perfect cup, enjoy it for two weeks and then I think, what's next?" says Sestic, whose 37-year- old wife Beti is in the business with him, handling administration. They have a daughter Ana, 13, and son Aleks, eight.

    He hopes that people do not view coffee as merely a caffeine fix or an Instagrammable photo. He says: "It is an experience, just like wine. And while I understand that people like latte art, that's all it is, a pretty picture. It's like icing on a cake. The cake needs to be delicious too."

    The coffee scene in Australia has grown steadily over the past five years, he says, as reputable roasters are mastering a good brew and contributing to the overall quality of coffee. He adds: "It's also about the service and venue. Food is also important to complement the coffee."

    The perfectionist in him stems from his years of competing for the WBC. He won the world title on his seventh attempt. The competition features 52 barista champions from their own countries battling it out in three intense rounds. Six of them make it to the finals. In each round, competitors prepare and serve 12 coffee beverages in 15 minutes - four espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature drinks.

    The Coffee Man documents Sestic's emotional chase for the WBC title, which saw him thoroughly exhausted after the first round. He was rushed to the hospital after completing his presentation, but returned the next day and pulled through for the next two rounds. Since his win, Sestic has travelled all over the world as an ambassador for coffee. But when asked for his opinion of local kopi, he pauses momentarily, smiles sheepishly and says: "It's... interesting. It's... different. Let's leave it at that."

    Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/coffees-not-just-a-pretty-photo


    May 27, 2016

    Farm-to-table sourcing is no longer a catch phrase only for restaurant chefs, thanks to a new wave of online platforms looking to link up farmers and producers with the discerning home cook. From freshly roasted beans from Australia's leading roastery-cafes to uncommon super foods and prized Nepalese teas, there's plenty for the picking. We round-up four exciting e-grocers to watch.

    After a particularly inspirational visit to Melbourne a year and a half ago, Singaporean duo Keyis Ng and Eugene Chen started Cafebond. Their aim: to bring the liveliness of the Australian coffee culture to specialty coffee lovers in Singapore by rounding up popular roasts from Australia’s leading cafes and making them available at a single click.

    Cafebond’s virtual shelf of over 27 different single origin beans and blended coffees is aggregated from at least 14 specialty coffee roasteries across Melbourne. Headlining the line-up is Ona Coffee, a coffee company run by the winner of both the Australian and World Barista Championships, Sasa Sestic, while established names like St. Ali and Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird round out the roster.

    Every item is listed with elaborate tasting notes and shoppers can also read the stories behind each cafe-roastery before checking out. Prices range between $42 and $68 per kilogram of coffee, and for a flat shipping fee of S$10, customers here can receive their beans directly from Down Under within a week of roasting. The website will start taking orders on 1 June, and the duo already have plans to penetrate the coffee markets in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with the backing of Chinese investment giant Quest Ventures.

    Source: https://guide.michelin.sg/farm-to-table


    May 30, 2016

    Craving for more than just the kopi siu dai from the coffee shop around the corner? Or are you a serious home brewer looking for decent beans? Whatever your caffeine habit, these Singapore coffee bean e-commerce sites lets you stock up on quality stuff from all over the world, with a selection of blends to make your toes curl.


    Bringing famed Melbourne coffee shops like Seven Seeds, Industry Beans and Market Lane closer to fans here, this e-commerce platform is where you can shop for fancy coffee beans from 14 of the coffee capital's most popular cafes. Besides retailing the cafes' signature blends, the site also has a changing selection of single origin beans from coffee farms all over the world---shoppers can choose from over 60 blends developed for both espresso and filter prep methods. There's a flat shipping rate of $10 per order (stuff is shipped from Melbourne once a week), but from now till Jun 5, it's free delivery for all orders. From $14-27.

    Source: http://sg.asia-city.com/shopping/news/buy-fancy-coffee-beans-online-these-4-singapore-sites#sthash.eosaNQfT.dpuf

    LianHe ZaoBao Newspaper 联合早报:喝咖啡看烘培期


    38 岁的赛斯蒂奇(Sasa Sestic) 是咖啡业的传奇人物。 这名2015年世界咖啡师竞赛冠军,出生东南欧国家塞尔维亚;因战乱1997年举家移民到澳大利亚。他是欧洲手球选手,2000年代表澳洲出赛悉尼奥运。 告别选手生涯,他毅然放弃了体育,转而投入餐饮业。2001年在堪培拉(Canberra)一家意大利烘培店从事咖啡师工作,开启了他的非一般咖啡之旅。现在他带领ONA Coffee公司团队,在堪培拉经营三家精品咖啡馆,并活跃于咖啡的竞赛活动。

    赛斯蒂奇在中北美洲的洪都拉斯(Honduras)、萨尔瓦多(El Salvador)投资咖啡园,进行咖啡豆培植实验。他也发起Project Origin项目,和全球100多个发展中国家的咖啡农建立长期的伙伴关系。他也进军亚洲市场,计划在上海开设首家亚洲咖啡馆。

    他上周来到新加坡出席以他为主角的纪录片 “ The Coffee Man ” 的试映会,并为咖啡豆零售网站cafebond.com宣传。透过这个网站,各地咖啡爱好者也能品尝到ONA Coffee及其他澳洲品牌精心培植的单一产地咖啡豆,包括他去年参赛选用的Sudan Rume咖啡豆。

    1 身兼咖啡馆老板、专业咖啡师、咖啡豆种植园老板,这么多角色中你最喜欢哪一个?


    2 你参加咖啡师竞赛的推动力是什么?



    3 告别运动员生涯,为何改当咖啡师?


    我有一支很棒的团队:由咖啡馆和咖啡园的员工组成。竞赛前的准备工作充满了乐趣。准备比赛的过程让我认识很多很棒的人,有些还成为我和家人的好朋友,比如我的咖啡师教练——2014年世界咖啡师冠军崎英曲(Hidenori Izaki,昵称Hide)。

    4 运动员的训练对于你参加咖啡师竞赛有什么影响?


    5 为什么坚持品尝咖啡要考虑咖啡豆的季节?



    6 怎么决定品尝咖啡的最佳时间?




    7 可否形容你最近一次喝咖啡的感动经验?

    这个经验让我有点激动。我的同事,澳洲咖啡师竞赛冠军Huge Kelly在准备世界咖啡师竞赛。几天前他让我品尝他为竞赛选用的咖啡豆Castillo。


    8 澳洲咖啡文化和其他地区的有什么不同?


    9 续纪录片之后,你还会出版新书分享你的经历。新书几时出版?内容会谈些什么?


    LianHe WanBao Newspaper 联合晚報: 集澳洲15家顶尖咖啡品牌 两好友创咖啡豆网站












    黄振隆笑说:“ 我们出来之后还不可置信,互相问说:‘真的谈成了吗’ ”


    Cafebond目前获中国风险投资公司“求索创投”(Quest Ventures)的注资。

    此外,它也得到微软新加坡公司(Microsoft Singapore)的赏识,可以在起步阶段,免费使用它太平洋总部内的办公室。














    Source: http://www.wanbao.com.sg/local/story20160712-85930


    July Issue 2016

    There are over 2000 independent coffee roasters just in Melbourne, a sure sign that the Australians are experts at sourcing the world’s best coffee beans. If you’re a fan of theirs brews, we’ve got good news for you. Now that CAFEBOND.COM has been launched, we can order in-house roasted coffee beans from famed Melbourne cafés such as St. ALi and Seven Seeds, just two names from a list of 14. Large-volume orders get free shipping - joy for the caffeine addict.


    July Issue 2016

    Epicure caught up with Sasa Sestic, winner of the 2015 World Barista Championship and founder of Ona Coffee and Project Origin, at the launch of Singapore start-up Cafebond.com, an online coffee beans marketplace.

    Working with Cafebond.com: They approached us about bringng The Coffee Man documentary to Singapore. It’s the perfect partnership as it allows us to share our knowledge and educate Singaporeans about specialty coffee, while giving them a platform to taste and explore these cuppas for themselves.

    On Project Origin: We work with over 160 coffee producers from 10 countries.Not only do we buy beans from them, but we also develop better quality products through our programmes to improve the picking, processing and drying processes. We also pay our producers at least 70 percent above fair trade prices.

    The perfect java… does not exist. It can exist for a moment, but we then begin to want more. To achieve the best quality coffee, we need to start by using beans that are in season. When they are roasted, it needs to be aged enough, a minimum of eight days - but some beans take even longer. Once they are roasted, it needs to release gas to allow for all the complexities in flavour to shine through.

    My Ideal brew… is from Colombia. The Sudan Rume from Las Nubes is simply stunning, so clean, has lots of apricot and peach notes, and is super sweet.

    I like to get a cup of joe… anywhere in the world. Auction Rooms in Melbourne is a good one, and so is Nancy Contreras, Aroma Café in Marcala, Honduras.


    July 15, 2016

    If you’ve been to Melbourne, Australia, you will know that the streets there are lined with awesome cafés with equally amazing coffee. If you have a craving for that very coffee, you can save on the airfare and have them delivered to your doorstep instead.

    Shop for the coffee of Melbourne’s best cafés at your fingertips.

    The ordering process is straightforward. First pick your coffee of choice.

    After which, you will be able to choose from several options of packaging, grind size, roast type, and quantity of your order, before proceeding to checkout.

    Again, Cafebond also practices the “roast at the start of the week, deliver within a week” method, so it’s best to put your orders in over the weekend as orders are consolidated on Monday at noon, roasted on Tuesday and shipped out on Wednesday.

    Placing your orders during after noon on Monday also means that you will be scheduled for the week after.

    If piping hot coffee is not your thing, you can opt for their cold-brew line and drink straight out of the fridge.

    Source: https://vulcanpost.com/582327/startups-offer-coffee-bean-delivery

    i-WEEKLY: 网络发达和空运便利时代,无需出国都可以随时享受到进口好货



    咖啡文化风行澳大利亚,单在墨尔本,就在超过1,000 家大大小小的咖啡馆。怀念那里的咖啡香?网络平台cafebond.com引进了14家墨尔本著名café自家烘培的咖啡豆,每个周三从当地直运来新,只需少过10天的时间就能取货,让人在家就能满足咖啡瘾。 2015年世界咖啡师竞标赛冠军Sasa Sestic 的 Ona Coffee,香气逼人,可谓排在14间café之首。其它的café还包括Auction Rooms、 Clement Coffee、 Dukes Coffee等等。 为庆祝今年国庆,目前所有订单将免去邮费。

    Daily Coffee News : VC-Backed Cafebond.com Bringing the Roasts of Melbourne to Singapore

    8 August 2016

    The winds propelling direct-to-consumer sales of coffee online have become increasingly forceful, making once-distant coffees from faraway roasters more readily available. Along with the segment’s overall growth, specialization, too, has increased, as new companies vie for the attention of a growing consumer base concerned with specific brands, the pinnacles of quality, or the exotic.

    The newest specialist in this segment is Singapore-based Cafebond.com. The company officially began service last month, providing an online marketplace of roasted-to-order coffees that to this point are coming exclusively from Australian roasteries, with all but one hailing from greater Melbourne.

    Cafebond.com timed its official launch earlier this year with the Singapore debut of the “Coffee Man” documentary that focuses on 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic, while the company also worked with Sestic as a brand ambassador. Serbian-born Sestic owns Ona Coffee, a multi-location roasting and retail company in Canberry, Australia, and also led the recent Project Origin auction programs in El Salvador and Honduras.

    Sestic’s celebrity wasn’t the only firepower behind the Cafebond.com launch. The company is also backed by the Chinese venture capital fund Quest Ventures and received initial support from Infocomm Investments, a subsidiary of the Singapore Government’s IMDA tech agency. The brand is also partnering with the Australian government agency Tourism Victoria to promote Melbourne and its surrounding areas through coffee.

    “Coffee is at heart of Melbourne city,” Tourism Victoria Regional Manager of South and Southeast Asia Celia Ho said in a Cafebond.com launch announcement. “We are proud to collaborate with Cafebond.com in bringing the city’s favourite drink to Singapore, and showcase one of the best parts of the diverse Melbourne food experience.”

    While the initial focus is on connecting the coffee cultures of Singapore and Melbourne, Cafebond.com says longer-term goals include opening up the service to include roasters from cities throughout the world. On the consumer side, the company has immediate plans to launch in the fourth quarter of this year in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Said Cafebond.com Co-Founder Keyis Ng, “We hope to be the world’s largest specialty coffee e-commerce platform in five years.”

    For now, the company’s coffee-roasting partners in Australia include Auction Rooms, Clement Coffee, Code Black Coffee, Dukes Coffee, Industry Beans, Market Lane, Monk Bodhi Dharma, Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, Padre Coffee, Sensory Lab, Seven Seeds, St. Ali, The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, Wide Open Road and Ona Coffee.

    Source : http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/08/08/vc-backed-cafebond-com-bringing-the-roasts-of-melbourne-to-singapore/

    E27.co : This startup aims to make Singapore the artisan coffee capital of the world

    7 September 2016

    The creation of Cafebond was inspired by Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture

    Singaporeans really love their coffee. Whether it is the yuppie with a Starbucks card, or the retiree with a Kopi-Kosong (a Hokkien term for “black coffee”), the appeal of this aromatic hot brew — in all its variations — cuts across all generations and demographic. Recent years have also seen artisan cafes serving specialised brews pop up (there is even a coffee festival now!), riding on coattails of similar trends in the US, London and Australia.

    Spring time has come for the niche coffee market.

    Regular readers would know what usually happens next in a story like this — and you guessed right: An enterprising team wants to cruise on this wave using tech.

    Singapore-based startup Cafebond wants to bring specialty coffee beans from renowned coffee markets to local shores as well as other parts of Asia. Co-founders Keyis Ng and Eugene Chen were inspired to build this venture after a trip to Melbourne (To be precise: the inspiration hit them like a potent double espresso shot after they tasted coffee at a cafe called “ST. ALi”).

    “Melbourne is leading the global charge in specialty coffee. The city has over 2,000 small and independent coffee roasters. The New York Times even reported last year about the global invasion of Australian-style cafes reaching as far as London, Paris, and Singapore,” says Ng, in an interview with e27.

    A marketplace for coffee beans

    Cafebond’s e-commerce marketplace, launched a little over three months ago, serves over 100 variety of coffee beans from 14 of Melbourne’s most renowned coffee houses and a Canberra coffee cafe Ona Coffee –helmed by World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic.

    Fun fact: Ona Coffee pioneered an initiative called Project Origin, which aims to source for new and undiscovered coffee beans globally. It also claims to use a smarter software and roasting equipment to produce more interesting brews.

    In addition, Cafebond intends to import coffee beans from Tokyo.

    “Traditionally, buying specialty coffee beans has been an offline process, where you have to go to the store and pick up your own bag of beans. Within the offline model, there is also the inconvenience of a limited variety of coffees, especially within Asia. We are providing a web and mobile platform that connects coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world,” says Ng.

    Customers will also be able to choose the roast type and grind size, and all coffee beans are roast-to-order.

    To date, Cafebond claims to have over served over 1,000 customers. It also has launched a corporate package plan.

    “We have identified a large demand from corporate customers. This has led to the launch of Cafebond for Offices programme with the Australian High Commission of Singapore and The Co., a popular coworking space, as our first clients,” says Ng.

    During its initial product development phase, Cafebond received S$250,000 (US$185,500) pre-seed investment in December 2015 in a round led by Quest Ventures (who also invested in Carousell and 99.co) and other angel investors.

    It was then incubated at Infocomm Investments, then hand-picked by Microsoft Singapore to be co-located within its Asia Pacific Headquarters and is currently part of DBS Hotspot 2016.

    Cafebond will be exploring partnerships with local cafes and has already secured its first client in Singapore: Dutch Colony Coffee. It also has plans to launch in Malaysia in 2016 and China in the near future.

    So, for coffee lovers looking to shake up their early morning fix, Cafebond may provide some interesting choices.

    Source : https://e27.co/this-startup-aims-to-make-singapore-coffee-capital-20160907/

    Upstart : Cafebond brings Melbourne’s most popular cafes into your home

    Issue #5 Sep/Oct 2016

    With coffee shops and cafes mushrooming all across the country, it is safe to say that coffee lovers are spoiled for choice. Now, coffee options abound even in cyberspace as one start-up has created a platform that allows shoppers to buy up to 100 different coffees from some of Melbourne’s most popular coffee shops, and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

    Cafebond.com is the brainchild of long-time friends Keyis Ng, 28, and Eugene Chen, 31, who hit on the idea while holidaying in Melbourne. At the iconic St Ali café, the duo drank what they describe as “the best coffee we’ve ever tasted in our lives”, and decided that they would work on a start-up with a focus on coffee.

    “Many people drink coffee at some great cafes when they travel and want to replicate a taste of it at home,” explained Mr Ng. “With Cafebond, it is easy for them to do that.”

    A former marketing professional and a web developer respectively, Mr Ng and Mr Chen spent a year researching the global coffee industry, talking to coffee enthusiasts, and speaking to investors. In 2015, they received seed funding from China’s leading venture capital fund Quest Ventures

    Taking advantage of the many helpful options for start-ups in Singapore, the duo applied for programmes such as TAG.PASS, under Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd, the investment subsidiary of the Info-Communications and Media Development Authority. Out of almost 300 applicants, Cafebond was one of the 10 shortlisted for the programme, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop and test business ideas quickly through development platform training and domain knowledge sharing and coaching.

    “Melbourne is leading the global charge in specialty coffee. The city has over 2,000 small and independent coffee roasters. The New York Times even reported last year about the global invasion of Australian-style cafes reaching as far as London, Paris, and Singapore,” says Ng, in an interview with e27.

    “ Our plan moving forward is to explore how we can use technology to bridge the gaps that we’ve observed in the coffee supply chain in Asia. Our aim is to be the world’s largest specialty coffee retailer in five years. “

    Mr Keyis Ng, CEO and co-founder of cafebond.com

    The company was also selected for Microsoft’s BizSpark Residency Programme, which houses start-ups with promising market potential at its Microsoft Innovation Centre. “They provided a lot of help with our tech infrastructure,” said Mr Ng. “Because we were situated there, it was like having our own in-house tech team.”

    Cafebond also successfully applied for DBS Hotspot Pre-Accelerator 2016, a programme designed to help start-ups turn their ideas into action, with financial assistance, mentorship, access to potential investors, workshops and skills enablement classes.

    The online store debuted in Singapore on 1 June 2016 and has since served over 1,000 customers, many of who have returned to buy their favourite coffees and try new ones. Four months later, on 1 October, it launched its Malaysian online store and is now in discussions with café owners in Tokyo about selling their coffee collections through Cafebond.com.

    “This is just the start for us. I think our biggest challenge is staying focused because there is a lot of excitement about our business and people have been throwing us ideas about how to expand and evolve. But we need to focus on getting the fundamentals right,” enthused Mr Ng.

    “Our plan moving forward is to explore how we can use technology to bridge the gaps that we’ve observed in the coffee supply chain in Asia. Our aim is to be the world’s largest specialty coffee retailer in five years.”

    It’s a bold aim indeed, but one that will no doubt be fuelled by passion and lots of caffeine.

    Source : http://www.upstartnews.sg/startup-01.html

    Vulcan Post : Quality Coffee Beans Are Hard AF To Find, So 2 Bros Are Importing The Best Of Aussie To S'pore

    26 August 2016

    The coffee export industry is a massive one, estimated to be worth $20 billion worldwide, and it is an area which will continue to grow as the list of coffee-drinking countries rise.

    Closer to home, Southeast Asia is now home to two of the world’s top ten coffee-producing nations in the form of Indonesia and Vietnam, with coffee production and exports forming significant portions of their local economy.

    Being the world’s second most traded commodity, as well as the third most consumed beverage in the world, Singaporeans are definitely not immune to the whiff of freshly roasted coffee beans.

    Previously, we covered three local startups who share a passion for specialty coffee, and wants to share their knowledge and love of coffee with Singaporeans, to bring them the best coffee beans from around the world.

    Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to have a chat with Keyis Ng, co-founder of Cafebond, and we found out why they do what they do.

    It All Started When Two Friends Were On Holiday

    The co-founders of Cafebond, longtime friends Keyis Ng and Eugene Chen, found themselves exposed to the captivating world of the Australian coffee culture while on a trip to Melbourne.

    Being coffee lovers themselves, the decision to visit Melbourne wasn’t an accident, and stumbling upon St Ali Coffee Roasters changed everything.

    Having tasted one of the best cup of coffees in their lives, they began to toy with the idea of bringing the iconic Melbourne coffee culture back home to Singapore, and introduce the distinctive flavours one can only taste in Australia.

    This was what led to the founding of Cafebond.com, as they wanted to establish a platform to let people from all over the world share their culture through coffee.

    A Marketer And Coder Brought Together For A Common Goal

    Before becoming CEO of Cafebond, Keyis was a former marketing professional for seven years, and has worked with a diverse set of clients from the fashion world like Gucci, and also big tech companies like Google, and through this, has developed a good understanding of marketing and communications.

    Eugene on the other hand is the CTO.

    As someone with 12 years of coding experience, he developed a deep understanding of technology, working with some of the biggest advertising firms in the world, including Ogilvy & Mather and McCann Worldgroup.

    Inspired by the pro-entrepreneurial environment established by the Singapore government, this motivated them to venture into setting up Cafebond, as they were assured a conducive environment for their startup.

    They later went on to join incubator programs established by corporations such as Microsoft and DBS, where they received support and encouragement to run their startup full-time.

    Coming Soon To Businesses, And Another Country

    The customer demographic that Cafebond is currently concentrating on are the daily consumers – people who love brewing their own coffee at home using whole beans, and they have served over 1000 coffee lovers since their launch three months ago. However, they realise that demand from corporate customers who want to purchase coffee beans for their offices is also strong, so there are definitely plans underway to cater to this niche group.

    Called ‘Cafebond for Offices’, this new initiative aims to fulfil the clamouring of corporate consumers who want (and need) to have specialty coffee in their cups.

    With some of their first customers coming from The Australian High Commission and co-working space The Co, they’re off to a good start.

    There’s more good news too.

    Coffee addicts from Malaysia will soon be able to order from Cafebond.com come September, as the startup wishes to cater to the larger existing market.

    Early Successes Through Word Of Mouth

    Keyis admits that being a young startup, getting organic growth will be tougher, but through word of mouth, they have been able to get a steady core of coffee lovers who keeps coming back.

    In turn, these same people recommend Cafebond to not just their friends, families, but also neighbours as well. He specifically mentions this because they have noticed a trend of orders coming from the same residential block, but from different residents.

    They are also comforted by the fact that because Singaporeans are well acquainted with Australian culture in general, they will be more welcoming to the Cafebond platform, where several well-known coffee brands from Australia are available.

    Also, as an up-and-coming startup, they are helped by the fact that they have been featured in both The Straits Times and the Michelin Guide Singapore, giving them even more exposure to the masses.

    The Highs And Lows Of Cafebond

    When speaking of the challenges that the startup has had to face thus far, Keyis mentioned that there were definitely multiple barriers to overcome, be it trying to get merchants on-board into the platform, building the site, or even just figuring out logistics.

    They knew that it will not be smooth sailing from the start, and thus mentally prepared themselves with the belief that by having the right attitude and experiences, they could overcome anything successfully.

    And one of the results of them overcoming challenges is when they were able to convince 15 top independent Australian cafe merchants to retail their coffee beans on Cafebond – the most prominent one of which is Ona Coffee, whose founder is the 2015 World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic.

    Other Melbourne cafes of note include St Ali Coffee Roasters (the place that started it all), Seven Seeds, Market Lane Coffee, and Auction Rooms Cafe We would like to thank Keyis for taking the time to speak with us, and we can’t wait to have a taste of the coffees available at Cafebond soon!

    If you would like to check them out, head on over to their website: https://www.cafebond.com/

    Source : https://vulcanpost.com/586649/cafebond-importing-best-aussie-coffee-beans-to-singapore/

    Lieyunwang.com 猎云网 : 咖啡豆电商Cafebond立志把新加坡变为世界手工咖啡之都

    2016 年 9 月 14 号


    Cafebond.com 是一家来自新加坡的初创企业,由Keyis Ng和Eugene Chen二人共同创建。它主要将来自知名咖啡市场的精品咖啡豆,带入新加坡国及其他亚洲地区。



    Cafebond的电商网站于三个多月前成立,供应来自墨尔本14家知名咖啡店的100多种咖啡豆。同时,它还供应来自堪培拉Ona Coffee咖啡店的咖啡豆,这家店由世界咖啡师大赛(即World Barista Champion,简称WBC)冠军Sasa Sestic负责经营。

    有趣的是,Ona Coffee曾经发起了一个叫做Project Origin的倡议活动,目的是收集全世界尚未被发现的新品种咖啡豆。它还表示,会利用更加智能的软件和烘焙设备来增加咖啡煮泡的乐趣。





    2015年12月,公司正处于产品开发的起步阶段,成功完成了25万新币(约18.5万美元)的前种子轮融资,由Quest Ventures及其他天使投资人领投。

    随后,Cafebond加入新加坡风投机构Infocomm Investments孵化,不久便被微软新加坡分公司看中,迁到微软的亚太总部,现已成功入围新加坡2016年的DBS Hotspot。

    Cafebond表示,目前已经成功与第一位客户Dutch Colony Coffee建立了伙伴关系,接下来还会与更多新加坡的咖啡店合作。


    Source : http://www.lieyunwang.com/archives/217137

    AsiaOne.com : Melbourne's best coffees are just a click away

    22 December 2016

    Two friends, Eugene Chen and Keyis Ng, realised just what a grip coffee has on Asians and found a gap in the market that hadn't yet been tapped into. And so Cafebond.com was launched - in Singapore in June, and Malaysia in October.

    The website offers high-quality coffee blends from some of Australia's best coffee joints in Melbourne like Auction Rooms, Ona Coffee (home of 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic), Seven Seeds, Dukes Coffee, Wide Open Road and Market Lane as well as single origin beans sourced by the brand's coffee merchants.

    Bags of 200 to 300g start at upwards of RM50 (S$16) with a flat shipping fee of RM10 and a guarantee that the product will arrive within 10 days of roasting.

    What's great about the site is the sheer variety of what's on offer. You'll find over 100 selections at any given time, making it the largest coffee collection available to Malaysians at the moment.

    These include a selection of espresso roast and filter roast blends and single origin coffees, with detailed tasting notes and explanations about the beans and also the cafes. All you have to do is narrow your search according to your preference and navigate through the many options available to find your favourite ones.

    Some of the best sellers on the site include the signature blends from ST ALi, Seven Seeds (both from Melbourne) and Ona Coffee (from Canberra). The idea for the site was spurred by the Singaporean duo's holiday in Melbourne where according to Ng, they had one of the best cuppa ever at the popular coffee mecca, ST ALi.

    "We then began to play with the idea of bringing the iconic coffee culture of Melbourne back with us to Singapore. We wanted to bring home the distinctive flavours found only while drinking Australian coffee and establish a platform that would allow people to connect and share global cultures through coffee. That idea is what led us to founding Cafebond.com," says Ng.

    Ng combined his background in marketing with Chen's expertise in coding to develop the site. After persuading the Melbourne cafes to come onboard, they set about developing the site, and used the Eels system to consolidate orders. This also allowed them to lower shipping fees to a flat RM10, regardless of the size of the order.

    For context, the cost of shipping 250g of coffee beans (which retails at around RM50) from Australia to Malaysia through an international courier company is around RM150 - three times the price of the beans! With Cafebond.com's system, orders are collated on a weekly basis and delivered to the company's Malaysian office in Johor, thus ensuring a minimal shipping fee is incurred.

    This system also feeds into the site's guarantee that beans will be delivered within 10 days of being roasted. The site's system works this way: every Monday at 2359 hours, the order window is closed; on Tuesday, coffee is prepared by cafes in Australia, either roasted to order or from their latest roast. On Wednesday, the beans are shipped from Australia to Malaysia, after which Cafebond.com carries out next day delivery.

    "For freshness of coffee beans, it will be around one to two weeks old, which is the optimal period to use it for brewing," says Ng.

    This is a view echoed by Sestic, who said in an interview with Today newspaper in Singapore, "We recommend customers enjoy the coffee from day nine or 10 and up to three-and-a-half to four weeks, depending on the coffee. We usually write down that we prefer you to finish the batch within 30 days of being roasted," he says.

    In terms of price point, RM50 and above for specialty coffee is actually very competitive, says Ng. "The price on Cafebond.com is similar to the offerings of Malaysia's locally roasted specialty coffee bean products and the pricing you see on the platform is similar to what you get in store directly at the cafes in Australia," he explains.

    In fact, Ona Coffee charges a A$10 (RM33) delivery fee within Australia, so in some instances, the coffee might even work out cheaper if you order it on Cafebond.com.

    Since the site launched in Singapore, it has served over 1,000 customers and the duo expects response to be even better in Malaysia. But Ng says Melbourne cafes are just the starting point for the more global trajectory they have in mind.

    Other coffee-centric cities are on their radar, with Tokyo being their next point of focus.

    Ng also adds that while the initial target demographic of the site was regular coffee junkies, they now know there is a demand for specialty coffee among corporate consumers looking for (and often in desperate need of) good quality coffee to keep them fuelled through long office hours.

    This has led to the conceptualisation of the soon-to-be-launched Cafebond for Offices to fill the void in the market.

    Cafebond.com will also have a wholesale platform by the end of the year to cater to the positive response received from local cafes.

    "We participated in a consumer food expo in KL and were quite surprised by the overwhelming wholesale requests we got from independent cafe owners around Malaysia who would like to use our coffee beans at their cafes," says Ng.

    While the site is currently only available in Singapore and Malaysia, expansion plans are in the works and according to Ng, the site will be launched in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong early next year.

    Source : http://www.asiaone.com/lifestyle/food/melbournes-best-coffees-are-just-click-away

    动点科技 : 咖啡帮让亚洲人喝上一杯好喝不贵的澳洲咖啡

    2017 年 1 月 17 号

    “两年前我和我的联合创始人去墨尔本旅行,喝到了我人生中最好喝的一杯咖啡。”咖啡帮 创始人黄振隆说,“那家咖啡厅名叫 St.ali。是它让我萌生了将澳洲的咖啡豆卖往亚洲的想法。”

    经历了一年的准备期,2016 年 6 月,咖啡帮在新加坡上线,11 月,在马来西亚上线。作为一个精品咖啡豆共享和电商平台,咖啡帮在做的事情非常简单:一头连接着以 2000 多家小型独立咖啡烘焙商为主导,凭借在采购、烘焙和冲泡咖啡等方面的经验,引领了全球精品咖啡交易市场的墨尔本,一头连接着追求精致饮用体验,却苦于海外咖啡豆购买不便的新加坡、马来西亚用户。

    “想要买到澳洲的精品咖啡豆,有两个难题:一是难找,二是运费贵。”黄振隆说,咖啡帮就这两个问题提供了一套解决方案。首先,咖啡帮与包括 Auction Rooms、Clement Coffee 等在内的十四家墨尔本大型咖啡馆达成了合作关系,协助他们开设线上商铺,帮助用户进行一站式购买。其次,咖啡帮为高额的跨洋物流费用提供了有效降低成本的解决方案。“一百块钱的咖啡豆,从墨尔本运到东南亚,要三百块运费。”黄振隆说,精品咖啡豆对冷链运输有很高的需求,运输费用极大地提高了总体成本。针对这一问题,咖啡帮在行业内开创了名为 “Eels”(咖啡厂商的端到端物流解决方案软件)的解决方案,“我们整理平台上的订单,对多个包裹进行合并物流,使得顾客可以尽可能低的运费购买咖啡豆,”黄振隆介绍说,如果订单数量足够多,甚至可以减免运费。

    此外,咖啡帮电商平台开创性地采用了 “订单-烘焙 ”系统,为要求烘焙的用户提供服务。咖啡馆商家可以实时接收订单,从而确保将最新鲜烘焙出来的咖啡豆送货上门到顾客手中。

    目前,咖啡帮的用户主要来自于 C 端,但他们正逐渐开始对咖啡馆提供批发业务。“我之前看过一组数据,说中国将会在未来十年之内成为全球最大的咖啡豆贸易市场。”黄振隆说,顺利的话,咖啡帮将在今年进入中国。“中国的电商行业已经比较成熟,我们正在考虑寻找第三方进行合作,一起开发这块市场。”


    在盈利模式上,咖啡帮平台上的咖啡豆都采取“即买即卖”的模式,没有任何存货和库存压力。在每笔交易成行后,咖啡帮将抽取 20%-40%的佣金。

    目前,咖啡帮拥有一支 6 人的团队,分别负责营销和技术开发等工作。黄振隆及联合创始人陈建翰都有着很强的“咖啡情结”。“我们希望顾客品尝到咖啡的最佳口味,也正是它应该被品尝到的味道。” 黄振隆说。陈建翰在回忆自己对咖啡的悠长感情时说,“从我的孩提时代开始,咖啡就成为了我生命的重要组成部分。我依然记得每天一醒来就能够闻到父亲在煮 kopi ( —种马来西亚传统咖啡)的香味。我们想要把所有这些东西由我们的平台整合在一起,通过咖啡连接人们和分享全球文化。”

    去年,咖啡帮获得了来自中国风险投资公司求索创投的 25 万新币(约合 125 万人民币)的 Pre-seed 轮投资。同年 11 月,它又入围 2016 TechCrunch 北京 创业大赛 15 强。

    Source : http://cn.technode.com/post/2017-01-17/cafebond/

    8频道新闻及时事节目 : 为推广咖啡文化 起步公司利用网络与应用程序平台

    2017年 1 月 30 号

    本地近几年冒出不少咖啡馆,但只有约一半营业超过四年。为推广咖啡文化、一些起步公司利用网络平 ,降低咖啡豆运输费及推出咖啡配套。




    咖啡应用程序Coffee Break创办人黄丞耀说:“星巴克在本地也有同样数量的连锁店,我们一旦能结合多过120家咖啡馆,就能组成自己的连锁独立咖啡馆,它们可以合作以提高效率和顾客群。这些小型咖啡馆通常不会有足够资源作行销工作,这就是我们能帮忙的地方。”



    Source : http://www.channel8news.sg/news8/latestnews/20170130-biz-coffee-apps/3478048.html